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Creating dental insurance solutions

Providing individual dental insurance solutions that fit your specific needs is a top priority. Security Life has dental insurance plans for any budget, and coverage that can be tailored to your individual personal or group needs. Whether you have a child who needs braces, need more of a comprehensive dental insurance plan, are seeking a plan with immediate coverage, or are an employer group, we’ve got you covered. Discover the variety of dental insurance options we offer below:

Affordable Dental insurance: With our affordable dental insurance plans, you can save money and still get the dental coverage you need. Going to the dentist shouldn’t be a pain, especially for your wallet.

Dental insurance for Families: Having kids means being prepared. We have plans that offer coverage for your family’s needs, including orthodontic care.

Dental insurance for Individuals: You’re unique, and so are your dental needs. Our individual dental insurance plans offer a variety of coverage options, and we’ll work with you to determine the best plan for you.

Dental insurance for Seniors: We offer higher coverage dental insurance plans that cover major dental work, like crowns, bridges and dentures.

Plans with No Waiting Periods: Are you in need of dental work immediately? We offer dental insurance plans with no waiting periods to meet your dental care needs.

Learn more about the importance of dental insurance coverage, and find a plan that’s right for you.


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